who we are

Amarac Technology Solutions,Inc. is an innovative full service provider of IT solutions that bring precise IT solutions to critical business needs, in the public and private sectors.

Whether mission critical, enterprise solutions or process improvement, the core element of the IT solutions we provide are functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Our expertise speaks for itself, through the work we do and the success we help our clients and customers achieve, year after year.

what we are

  • agile
    quick and effective response in providing solutions to a client's needs.
  • flexible
    adaptative and disciplined project management process
  • innovative
    collaborative approach in total solutions provision
  • responsive
    a highly organized team that delivers rapid and effective solutions

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Amarac launches XtraInsight, an application security unit. To most people, the X-Factor is a variable in any given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome. To others, it is a remarkable special talent or quality. That is what we bring to application security. We don’t just go through the common or typical to-do list of application security, we bring extraordinary talent and the extra insight that goes with it built on a strong dedication that persists and runs very deep.


Amarac's eMedirex™ PCS, powered by GMRPro, is Drummond Certified for Meaningful Use.

Physicians love eMedirex PCS for its intuitive SOAP workflow, functionality, flexibility and affordability.


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Rave reviews from customers, for the DME component of eMedirex™

Amarac receives rave reviews from customers for the DME component of Medirex.

Customers tout eMedirex's functionality, flexibility and affordability.


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Amarac launchs ver1.16 of eMedirex™; the Smart CRM for Healthcare Service Providers.

Medirex is an intuitive integrated system for the Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) — Home Healthcare agencies, Nursing Homes, and Hospice.

This release extends its system, built on an efficient workflow dynamic and flexibility that allows users to seamlessly move between modules and related items directly from within forms, making it the most user friendly SNF services application in the market.


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Amarac unveils the NUDAP initiative — a bold plan to become a strong player in data management in key N-11 (Next Eleven) countries; a shortlist of countries, including Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam, with a promising outlook for investment and future economic growth.

The NUDAP initiative is an integrated data management and utilization solution that is designed to power economic growth. It is now being introduced to key government ministries in some of these counties and is generating great interests among policy makers, public service and business leaders.


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The future is bright and Amarac is helping the world enter it, by helping businesses achieve their goals, prudently and effective.

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ATS has developed an integrated data management system that provides data as a product and the means to extract, transform, and store existing data, gather new data electronically and deliver data to consumers (government agencies, businesses, and individuals) as a service.

The system is designed to solve the problem of chronic data inaccessibility and unavailability - facilitate data collection, storage, and utilization in the public and private sector


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The main components of the NUDAP initiative are:

1. Data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) to convert none electronic data generated over the years into electronic, searchable, and analyzable format

2. Providing the software to easily gather, store and manage data reliably and easily.