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Aubiquiti™ Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Aubiquiti™ is an effective online Learning Management System suitable for any type of learning, from academic learning to vocational or professional learning.

Aubiquiti™ LMS is a robust online learning management system, with tons of features to effectively manage any type of learning, from academic courses to professional certification courses. Aubiquiti LMS empowers the system actors—Site Administrator, Manager, Course Editor, Instructor, and Student, to effectively play their roles to achieve a great learning experience.

Engage learners with a flexible, secure, and accessible online learning spaces. Aubiquiti™ LMS improves the learning experience for administrators, instructors, and students with its array of feature designed to save time and provide a more active learning experiences for your students. The Aubiquiti™ LMS is the ultimate platform to unify the community of system administrators,

Aubiquiti™ is integrated with the Aubiquiti™ Online Exam Management System.

Benefits of the Aubiquiti™ LMS

  • Easily browse list of users
  • Easily perform bulk user actions
  • Easily add a new user
  • Easily upload users
  • Easily upload user profile pictures
  • Easily define system roles
  • Easily assign system roles
  • Easily check system permissions
  • Intuitive capability overview
  • Easily assign users roles to a cohort
  • Easily manage courses and categories
  • Easily add a categories
  • Easily add new courses
  • Easily restore courses

Benefits of the Aubiquiti™ LMS

  • Easily access pending requests
  • Great analytics models
  • Language customization
  • Badges settings
  • Manage badges
  • Easily add a new badge
  • Backpack settings
  • Easily manage backpacks
  • Default Dashboard page
  • Default profile page
  • Easily manage tags
  • Intuitive user tours
  • Front page settings