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TeleMedPro is revolutionizing healthcare by empowering physicians to take their practice anywhere and patients to see physicians virtually anywhere, from the convenience of their homes and offices, thus making healthcare scalable and affordable. Patients who would otherwise not have access to healthcare due time and logistic challenges now do and physicians who would otherwise be limited geography can now practice anywhere.

Less driving means less carbon emission, less exposure to road hazard, less waste in time and resources, less cost, less stress, lower cost all around, and better outcome. Physicians can treat more patients in less time and over greater distances, while cutting in practice expenses. Patients have more choices and greater access to quality healthcare. Giving patients quick and easy access to healthcare, Heal patients, Healing the planet, and Prospering business and people.

  • Return on Investment is a key indicator for measuring performance index (KPI) and projecting the success of any business. eMedirex TeleMDPro can transform your practice and enable you to achieve a high return on investment (ROI), through improved efficiency and high productivity.
  • The improved efficiency that eMedirex TeleMDPro offers can radically transform your business and lead to up to 50% reduction in operating cost and consequently an increase in real revenue, not just apparent revenue, when opportunity costs are factored into the equation.
  • eMedirex TeleMDPro can transform your practice though seamless integration of multiple clinical locations, thus offering you a 360 degree view of your your entire operation, greater insight, and ability to make better decisions.
  • eMedirex TeleMDPro is built on the eMedirex platform — a robust architecture that ensures scalability, extensibility, and security.The platform geared towards digital transformation — data digitization and process automation (automated lab workflows).
  • eMedirex TeleMDPro is built on a responsive design, making it device platform agnostic and highly portable — accessible on any device, from anywhere, atany time (24x7)
  • One of the many ways that eMedirex TeleMDPro can transform your business operations is by leveraging our FileLogic digital transformation tool, a robust system built with on OCR and RPA technologies, and intuitive UI that eliminates redundant manual data entry.
  • Amarac Technology Solutions is an innovative software company, with a Security-First software development principles — Security is part of our software design, not an afterthought or add-on.
  • All customer and patient data is extremely encrypted at rest and in transit, with best-in-class disaster recovery plan (DRP) for business continuity (BC)
  • Our GRC program ensures are liable data loss prevention (DRP) and compliance with global standards and regulations eMedirex TeleMDPro is HIPAA compliant — robust AIM and CIAM to ensure strict data access control.
  • Online Physician Portal — Our physician portal enables seamless process integration via an uninterrupted workflow, thus enabling patient intake from referers and patients and notification, secure direct and easy access to lab reports, prescriptions, and patient health information.
  • Mobile Ready Clinic — eMedirex TeleMDPro empowers physicians with the ability to manage patients conveniently and easily from anywhere with our responsive, device-platform-agnostic application — check schedules, communicate with patients, place lab orders, access lab reports, etc.
  • Seamless EMR Integration — eMedirex is fully integrated with the eMedirex PMS, which is increasingly adopted by hospitals and other healthcare providers. It is can also easily integrate with other EMR products in the market to automate the business process workflow.
  • Payment-Enabled Patient — The eMedirex patient portal enables easy patient self-service, such as scheduling appointments, communicating with physician, delivery of lab reports to patients, but it also enables you to collect payments electronically via a secure payment gateway or POS system.
  • Medirex™ TeleMDPro is offered in three flexible pricing versions — Software as a Service (SaaS), On-Premises, and Hybrid. The SaaS model is a cloud solution, licensed on per seat basis. The On-Premises licensing model allows customers to host eMedirex™ TeleMDPro on their own private servers. With the Hybrid versions, client's database resides on client's server, which could be on the client's premises or cloud tenant, while the application resides in the Amarac cloud tenant.
  • SaaS Version (Software as a Service) — Your instance of eMedirex™ TeleMDPro runs in a multitenant environment. Your data is isolated by strong security architecture that establishes adequate boundaries and protected with strong authentication and data encryption. Your business will benefit from regular and frequent software updates at no additional cost.
  • On-Premises Version — Your instance of the application will be installed on your servers, on premises or in your private cloud tenant. Hybrid Version—The frontend of the application will run on the Amarac Cloud and the database runs on your on-premises database server or cloud tenant.

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