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Universal Data Access Program (UDAP™)

Management of any organization or process, public or private, without readily accessible good and reliable data is akin to driving a vehicle at night, without headlamp, streetlight or even moonlight; an extremely difficult proposition, it is. Under such condition, it will take a very long time to get to ones intended destination, if at all one gets there.

Improve Productivity, Efficiency, and Revenue

  • UDAP™ empowers organizations, public or private to take real ownership of their data and truly leverage it to drive operational efficiency, productivity, and economic growth. From easy access to data, data security, and data analytics, UDAP gives public and private organizations the opportunity to leverage data in various key ways that create new economic opportunities and drive economic growth. It has been said that data is the new crude oil, UDAP provides you the platform to mine and process data efficiently and cost effectively. Let UDAP help you unlock your untapped hidden treasures.

Flexible Solutions to Fit High Productivity Needs

  • UDAP™ delivers an economic engine for a 21st century economy — a data driven economy that leverages data science and AI technologies to create multitudes of information products, services, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Digital Transformation

  • ♦ Amarac will transform your paper-based data into digital electronic data, easily accessible, searchable, and usable in analytics. Using FileLogic, our proprietary technology, Amarac will convert paper documents into electronic documents, while extracting and storing metadata in secure searchable databases.
    ♦ Rapid Implementation — Rapid Implementation means that you will be up and running in a consistent manner (rolling schedule of onboarding data, year after year in reverse). Amarac’s proven implementation process ensures a smooth and dependable rollout schedule.
    ♦ Turnkey — We deliver a complete system for end-to-end business process; responsive user friendly and device agnostic interface, secure databases, data marts, and data warehouse.

Data Monetization

  • New Revenue Streams — Turn data into products, consumable by the individual end-user consumers and organizations (clearing houses, brokers, consulting services, etc.)

Fully Integrated System, Real-time Analysis, Document Management

  • ♦ Integrated ETL, Storage, and Access Management Solution.
    ♦ Real-time and accurate feedback on patient assessments Compliance — HIPAA, GDPR, NYDFSCR, CCPA, etc.
    ♦ Fully Secure Access — Secure 24/7 access to data from anywhere, to staff, partners, and the public.
    ♦ Document Management — Fully Integrated Document Management System
    ♦ Business Intelligence Capabilities — AI based descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for decision support systems
    ♦ Reliable Data Entry — Rapid and accurate Data Entry, augmented with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    ♦ No Upfront Cost —Amarac will fullyfund the project on an MSA thatguarantees investment recovery andprofit sharing.
    ♦ Electronic format of paper-based documents, Keyword searchabledocuments for easy retrieval, Digitized historical data
    ♦ Data stored in database, datamarts, and data warehouses
    ♦ Easy access to data, Data analytics, Data monetization
    ♦ Data security, and APIs for system integration

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