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Innovative full service IT solution provider, specializing in business applications developed on the Microsoft cloud and traditional technology platforms.

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A global company and Microsoft partner specializing in building applications on the Microsoft technology platforms.

AMARAC TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is a forward looking and critical thinking company dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions to clients and customers in the private and public sectors. With a vast experience in business and technology, we have the necessary acumen in business process and the application of technology to create effective solutions that address business needs including process automation, data monetization, application/data security for line of business applications.

Amarac has multiple prorietary software products in the market, including the eMedirex, TeleMDPro, BenefitAxis, and FileLogic. We are a Microsoft partner, with proven ability to drive customer success with solutions built on the Microsoft technology platforms. We specialize in build applications on the core Microsoft technology platforms — Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Power Platform, SQL Server, .NET/IIS, and Azure Cloud Services. For nearly 30 years, we have effectively leveraged Microsoft leading technology platforms to create software solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, judiciary, education, and risk management organizations.

Amarac has strategic partnership with leading organizations in the IT space in collaborative innovations that have been on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery, which have been adopted in three continents (America, Asia, and Africa), from electronic medical record systems to improve the process of healthcare delivery—reduce waste, reduce cost, eliminate overall inefficiency and fraud, avoid the challenges of inadequate and costly traditional infrastructure, especially in the emerging economies.


Our Products


eMedirex™ is a one-stop-shop healthcare solution for managing the end-to-end healthcare delivery process. It is not just an electronic medical record system; it is a robust platform that has everything one needs to administer the entire healthcare delivery ecosystem, from a single out-patient clinic to a full-service in-patient hospital with multiple locations. It has ten modules that cover everything from appointment management, patient chart management, lab administration, pharmacy administration, and finance, to facility management. Read more...


TeleMedPro™ is a revolutionary virtual healthcare delivery system that leverages internet technology (digital, audio, and video) to extend patient care. TeleMedPro empowers physicians to attend to patients remotely, from the convenience of a patient's home for patients with time constraints or patients with logistic and mobility challenges, to patients in remote difficult to reach places, who would otherwise not have access to physician services. This product takes healthcare delivery to a whole new level of efficiency, thus making healthcare delivery smarter. Read more...


BenefitsAxis™ is a technology solution that streamlines and automates the full life cycle benefits business process, including subscriber education, enrollment, plan, and benefits administration. The client and subscriber portals are intuitive applications that give groups and subscribers easy access to plan types, enrollment, and coverage information (LOC), including coverage tiers. The web portals are built on responsive design that make them highly portable and accessible on all electronic devices. Read more...


FileLogic™ is an intuitive and easy to use digitization tool; a key component in our digital transformation strategy. This Amarac technology solution can help organizations attain digital transformation that is key to accelerating business processes, thus cutting operational overheads, increasing efficiency, productivity, quality of service, and increasing revenue through organic growth. Read more...


ASRAPro™ is a comprehensive procedure for developing securable applications. It helps organizations engaged in software development to streamline, standardize, and regularize the process of discovering vulnerabilities and other concerns that need to be addressed in determining application security risks, save time, set clear and accurate priorities, avoid focusing on minor risks and ignoring more serious risks that may not be clearly understood. Read more...


xMargins™ is an accounting and finance application that helps organizations engaged in professional services business, track tasks/activities and associated time, quickly and easily determine profit margins. The application has a robust reporting and analytics components for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Read more...


Our Services

Solution Development and Digital Transformation

Whether building, migrating, or modernizing your application, Amarac will help you achieve your goal in a cost effective way. Digital Transformation is inevitable for any business to survive and thrive in this day and age. We will help you develop solutions that can help you address this critical and transformative change. Our innovation lab will help you discover and uncover needs and opportunities, build solutions that can unlock value for you and improve your business bottomline.

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

As a Microsoft partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Amarac works with clients to gain deeper insight into their business and develop solutions tailored to meet thier specific business needs through efficient application of the Microsoft online and managed services, including Azure Cloud Services and Office 365. Our Cloud Business Applications program is run by professionals with many years of experience, deep knowledge and expertise in the deployment and management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the revolutionary Power Platform.

Custom Software Development

Amarac Specializes in developing custom Line of Business (LOB) Applications to meet specific business needs. Our agile software development methodology, implemented on the Azure DevOps ALM system ensures a rapid and continuous product delivery via CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment), thus achieving improved overall software delivery - meeting the three key elements of software project management; cost, quality, and time. Our expertise covers applications developed on the Azure Cloud Services, .NET platform, Power platform, integrated with the popular SonarCloud code quality platform.

System Integration

Our integration methodologies offer optimized data migration and synchronization solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack - .NET, SSIS, and SQL Server, and Azure

Amarac University

Amarac is growing as a leader in practical remedial training in IT. In partnership with MidPoint Technology Institute, Amarac provides a rich curricular of hands-on training, internship, and mentoring in Microsoft technology platforms, such as Office 365, Power Platfrom, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Online, etc.


Helps to protect applications and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Helps you develop an effective cybersecurity posture (policy and process) to comply with privacy and security regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS for cybersecurity compliance and other regulations and standards, such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, etc.

Who We Are

Amarac Technologies Incorporated is an innovative full service IT solutions provider that brings precise IT solutions to critical business needs, in the public and private sectors. Whether mission critical, enterprise solutions or process improvement, the core element of the IT solutions we provide are functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our expertise speaks for itself, through the work we do and the success we help our clients and customers achieve, year after year. Let Amarac help you establish a strong market position, prudent IT solutions,improved productivity, and guranteed profitability.

What We Are

  • Agile - Our methodolgy ensures quick and effective response in providing solutions to a client's needs, and transparency through measurable and incremental progress.
  • Flexible - Our agile approach makes us very adaptative and give us the ability to run a disciplined project management process
  • Innovative - Our collaborative approach ensures that we have a 360-degree view of the requirements and enable us provide effective IT solutions
  • Responsive - Our highly organized team deliver rapid and effective solutions within scope all the time


Amarac has strategic partnership with leading organizations in the IT space in collaborative innovations that have been on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery, which have been adopted in three continents (America, Asia, and Africa), from electronic medical record systems to improve the process of healthcare delivery, by reducing waste, reducing cost, eliminating overall inefficiency and fraud, avoiding the challenges of inadequate and costly traditional infrastructure, especially in the emerging economies.

Economic Initiatives

National Universal Data Access Program (NUDAP)

In the information age, data is everything. Without data there can be no information and without information the decision-making process and any decision that may come from it is a shot in the dark, doomed to miss its mark, doomed to failure. Management of any organization or process, public or private, without good and reliable data is akin to driving a vehicle at night, without headlight, streetlight or even moonlight; an extremely difficult proposition, it is. Under such condition, it will take a very long time to get to ones intended destination, if at all one gets there.

More than anything, the one set of factors that has made the emerging integrated global economy possible is data, information and easy accessibility to both. Countries that have embraced the technology to bring them about have prospered by becoming smartly integrated with the global economy in ways that accelerated their economic growth and overall development.

What we propose is a platform for economic and social growth through the monetization of the vast data generated by government agencies. Making data available and easily accessible will not only facilitate a more efficient public sector and a more engaged public, it will expand the private sector, by increasing the capacity of existing businesses and creating the environment for new businesses to be created. The premise is simple, has been time tested and proven; when you have more resources, you become empowered to find new and more ways to apply them. For example, thousands of information services businesses (data brokerage) have been established globally; in America, Europe, and Asia as result of the internet that has made data accessibility easy and AI technologies that have made efficient analytics on big data possible. Learn more...

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Amarac Technologies Incorporated is a global leader in information technology. We leverage technology to help businesses grow, communities thrive, and people prosper. Our is culture is built on tenets that derive from the golden rule. A culture driven by people with different backgrounds and cultures, serving our clients with innovative solutions that solve their business problems, create stability, and drive growth.

Amarac Technology Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of Amarac Technologies Incorporated, with headquarters in the United States, consistently stands out in a competitive marketplace as an employer of knowledgeable, highly skilled, and competitive talent. We are a company that provides tailored IT solutions that enhance businesses and empower their employees. At the core, our job is to help remove obstacles that inhibit efficiency and productivity.

As you consider the value of working for Amarac, we encourage you to remember our dynamism, winning attitude, and strong performance, all of which will maximize your potential.


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