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FileLogic is an intuitive, responsive, and easy to use web-based data digitization platform. It is a file management system that enable users to convert paper based documents to electronic format using OCR, upload, and search/retrieve files (e.g., contracts), based on different search criteria. FileLogic is a key component in our digital transformation strategy.

This Amarac technology solution can help organizations attain digital transformation, which is key to accelerating business processes, thus cutting operational overheads, increasing efficiency, productivity, quality of service, and increasing revenue through organic growth.Major functions of the application include:

  • Secure user login — Access security driven by best in class data classification. Two factor authentication and least privileged role based access, with strong password requirements.
  • Ability to create electronic records and documents from paper-based documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Ability to encrypt records comprised of document metadata and data in Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • Ability to upload and store documents in encrypted drives or as encrypted files based on data classification.
  • Configurable user file access control based on user security level (access privileges and access level) for private SaaS implementation.
  • End users can search public records and document based on title, description, agency, department, and search tags, etc.
  • Backoffice administration (allow admin users to configure an instance of the application)