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Data transformation is a necessary component of digital transformation. It is simply converting data from paper to electronic format or converting rudimentary/crude electronic data into useful electronic format . Without digital data, one couldn't achieve digital transformtion, which essentially means changing manual processes to automated processes to drive high efficiency, high productivity, and cost reduction.

Amarac offers an end-to-end solution that involves helping organizations create digital data from papa documents or extract and transform data from rudimentary or some form of elctronic format into formats useful for digital transformation.

Data transformation puts data at the fingertips of users, from end user consumers to analysts, from planners and policy makers to decision makers. It makes it easy to find data quickly and easily, thus eliminating excesive time spent looking for data, reducuing frustration for workers, improving workers qualitiy of health and morale, enabling organizations to gain insight into operations for better decision making, and ofcourse these translate into high efficiency, high productivity, and reduced cost.

The money saved from all these can be reinvested in the workers as salary increases, performance bonuses, training and other employee wellness and career development initiatives. These are good incentivizers for workers to enthusiastically adopt the solution.

Digital transformation is simply using digital data to change manual processes to automated processes to drive high efficiency, high productivity, and cost reduction. The benefits deacribed above inherently derives herein.

The following factors determine the cost of digital transformation for an organization:
✓Nature of source data to be transformed; some form of electronic data vs paper based data
✓Volume of data to be transformed
✓Customers uses our product to do the work themselves, i.e. Do It Yourself fashion vs Amarac doing the work
✓Can the data be monetized? If so, Amarac could bear some of the data transformation cost to reduce the cost
✓If Amarac bears some of the implementation cost, would the customer be open to a long-term concesssion contract with Amarac to enable us recoup our inverstment?

Amarac has one of the best SLA in the industry. One of our key differentiators is our total commitement to minimizing total cost of ownership and maximizing ROI. Our generous warranty package with up to 18 months of free support, best-in-class user training, flexible maintenance packages with deep discounts, and 24x7 support ensures that our customers have the best user experience in the industry.

Amarac's flexible licensing model, gives the customer the power to choices in where their resides. A customer could opt to host their data on the Amarac cloud hosting solution, which comes in two flavors — Multitenant or Amarac's customer dedicated tenancy. In the multitenancy hosting, a customer's data is architecturally and programmatically secured through encryption, segmentation, and isolation. In the second option, a customer's data resides in a separate database dedicated solely to the customer. No other customer's data will reside in the same database. The latter option enables a customer to host it's data on its infrastructure and hardware, whether physically on its premises or virtually on its own cloud tenant.

Security is extremely important to Amarac and is intractely woven into our products, services, and processes by design. It begins with proper data classification, robust access control based on the priciple of least privelged access, multilayer encryption, best disaster recovery plan in the industry backed by the full power of Microsoft. We are fully compliant with data regulatory laws in the USA and EU, including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and NYFS, and industry best practices such as PCI.

Amarac is an American company attempting to break into the Nigerian and West African (ECOWAS) sub regional market. Our resources have worked on digital transformation projects to bring our unique approach to help implement solutions in the United States for various federal government and state organizations,as part of the broader initiative towards digital transformation for the federal court system and the state court of the largest state in the country, health and human services, farm services, and various private sector organizations.

The application is web-based and requires relaible internet service. Obvisously, internet services in emerging markets like Nigeria has been spotty and not as relaible as one would expect. However, to omeliorate this problem to some degree, organization could subscribe to internet services with multiple service providers or grant monthly data credits to their staff to use on their mobilephones to enable them leverage their mobilephone hotspot to access the internet, enabling them to run the application when their work internet access is down.

Amarac provides a wide range of services apart software development, we provide consulting services to help organizations execute or implement IT strategies/advisory, enterprise solutions, cybersecurity, and project management, DevOps services, and cloud services.

FAQ — Products

Amarac specializes in software for business process automation in different line of businesses (LOBs), including risk management, healthcare, document management (archival, storage, and retrieval), adminstration, eCommerce, project management, workforce management, etc.

Amarac has many proprietary software and processses, which we could license to customers to use, post implementation of a data transformation project. Primarily, there are two models of licensing for our products; subscription and perpertual licensing. The former has a much lower upfront cost and the latter has a higher upfront cost. Think of it as leasing a brand new car vs buying one. Each has pros and cons, it all depends on what a customer wants.

The subscription Licensing Model is typically recommend and preferred, because as with the leased car anology, you get a new vehicle everytime a new model comes out, only in our case a customer gets even more, by way of deep discounts, if the customer signs a multiyear contract. A customer could get up to the discounts outlined below on the subscription model.

✓Additional 10% for a 24-month contract
✓Additional 15% for a 36-month contract
✓Additional 20% for a 48-month contract
✓Additional 25% for a 60-month contract
✓Additional 35% for a 72-month contract

Perpetual license Model is determined on case-by-case basis and requires a special quote, rep should contact the authorized approving lead sale manager for a quote.